Opportunity from Safernano Design and Law

Graduate students can enroll for an intensive LAB TO MARKET TRAINING IN MAY 2018

Students will profit and benefit nicely from our Lab to Market program that places researchers business students lawyers law students with marketing and communication people into teams to make the best strategies for nano-enabled products.

The best team will win a prize.

The tuition of only 700 euros ($850) includes:

  • 6 credits from the University of Grenoble, France
  • Ten days hotel in the Greater Geneva Switzerland area at our technopole site.
  • All meals
  • Airport transfers
  • Full day official tour of CERN – the European Center for Nuclear Research (an exceptional opportunity!).

Students can contact Ilise Feitshans for an application. This is limited to thirty students from across the globe.

Note: there are also slots for inquisitive professionals who wish to learn and exchange ideas with these marvelous researchers.

Read more at linkedin.com

Image Credit:  LinkedIn/Feitshans

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