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Scientists create a nanomaterial that is both twisted and untwisted at the same time

A new nanomaterial developed by scientists at the University of Bath could solve a conundrum faced by scientists probing some of the most promising types of future pharmaceuticals (Nanoscale Horizons, "Measuring optical activity in the far-field from a racemic nanomaterial: diffraction spectroscopy from plasmonic nanogratings"). Scientists who study the nanoscale - with [...]

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Artificial intelligence helps to predict hybrid nanoparticle structures

Researchers at the Nanoscience Center and Faculty of Information Technology in the University of Jyväskylä, Finland, have achieved a significant step forward in predicting atomic structures of hybrid nanoparticles. A research article published in Nature Communications ("A Method for Structure-Prediction of Metal-Ligand Interfaces of Hybrid Nanoparticles"), demonstrates a new algorithm that ”learns” to predict [...]

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Creating new opportunities from nanomaterials

A hundred years ago, “2d” meant a two-penny, or 1-inch, nail. Today, “2-D” encompasses a broad range of atomically thin flat materials, many with exotic properties not found in the bulk equivalents of the same materials, with graphene – the single-atom-thick form of carbon – perhaps the most prominent. While many researchers at MIT [...]

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Nanomedical Device and Systems Design: Challenges, Possibilities, Visions now available to rent on Kindle

To accommodate students who wish to read the book at an affordable cost, Nanomedical Device and Systems Design: Challenges, Possibilities, Visions by Frank Boehm (CEO NanoApps Medical Inc.) is available to rent on Kindle. This book benefits undergraduate and graduate students who are studying nanotechnology/nanomedicine, as well as medical administrative, scientific research, and manufacturing professionals in this [...]

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Colour-change urine test for cancer shows potential in mouse study

Tools that detect cancer in its early stages can increase patient survival and quality of life. However, cancer screening approaches often call for expensive equipment and trips to the clinic, which may not be feasible in rural or developing areas with little medical infrastructure. The emerging field of point-of-care diagnostics is therefore working on [...]

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Ma vs Musk: tech tycoons spar on future of AI

Jack Ma believes artificial intelligence poses no threat to humanity, but Elon Musk called that "famous last words" as the billionaire tech tycoons faced off Thursday in an occasionally animated debate on futurism in Shanghai. The Chinese co-founder of Alibaba and the maverick industrialist behind Tesla and SpaceX frequently pulled pained expressions and raised [...]

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Nanodiamonds as platform for therapy and diagnosis of brain diseases

The blood-brain barrier is a physiological boundary layer that works highly selectively and thus protects the brain: On the one hand, pathogens or toxins are effectively prevented from penetrating the brain, on the other hand, however, necessary messengers and nutrients can pass through them unhindered. This selectivity makes it difficult for physicians to examine [...]

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Carbon nanotube breathalyzer can detect marijuana

As recreational marijuana legalization becomes more widespread throughout the U.S., so has concern about what that means for enforcing DUI laws. Unlike a breathalyzer used to detect alcohol, police do not have a device that can be used in the field to determine if a driver is under the influence of marijuana. New research [...]

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Industry 4.0: The Ultimate Guide by Ferry Vermeulen

Intro to Industry 4.0: The Ultimate Guide by Ferry Vermeulen Industry is changing a lot these days. New concepts and systems pop-up continuously, and due to companies’ need to implement the best technology, a lot of things will change in a relatively short span of time. One of the new terms that appeared at [...]

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The 10 most important breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence

“Artificial Intelligence” is currently the hottest buzzword in tech. And with good reason - after decades of research and development, the last few years have seen a number of techniques that have previously been the preserve of science fiction slowly transform into science fact. Already AI techniques are a deep part of our lives: [...]

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