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The Lifelong Cost of Surviving COVID: Scientists Uncover Long-Term Effects

Many of the individuals released to long-term acute care facilities suffered from conditions that lasted for over a year. Researchers at UC San Francisco studied COVID-19 patients in the United States who survived some of the longest and most harrowing battles with the virus. They discovered that approximately two-thirds of these survivors continued to experience a range of physical, [...]

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Previously Unknown Rogue Immune Key to Chronic Viral Infections Discovered

Scientists discovered a previously unidentified rogue immune cell linked to poor antibody responses in chronic viral infections. Australian researchers have discovered a previously unknown rogue immune cell that can cause poor antibody responses in chronic viral infections. The discovery, recently published in the journal Immunity, opens the door to potential early treatments and perhaps the [...]

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Nature’s Betrayal: Unmasking Lead Lurking in Herbal Medicine

A case of lead poisoning due to Ayurvedic medicine use demonstrates the importance of patient history in diagnosis and the need for public health collaboration to prevent similar risks. An article in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal) highlights a case of lead toxicity from Ayurvedic medicines in a young woman, and the complexity in diagnosing the [...]

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Frozen in Time: How a DNA Anomaly Misled Scientists for Centuries

An enormous meteor spelled doom for most dinosaurs 65 million years ago. But not all. In the aftermath of the extinction event, birds — technically dinosaurs themselves — flourished. Scientists have spent centuries trying to organize and sort some 10,000 species of birds into one clear family tree to understand how the last surviving dinosaurs filled [...]

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‘Mini kidneys’ reveal new insights into metabolic defects in polycystic kidney disease

Scientists at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) have successfully grown 'mini kidneys' in the lab and grafted them into live mice, revealing new insights into the metabolic defects and a potential therapy for polycystic kidney disease. "Mini kidneys," or kidney organoids, are kidney-like structures grown in the lab using stem cells. In the study [...]

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Decoding the Origin of Life: Scientists Solve Early Earth RNA Puzzle

Recent research illustrates how RNA molecules’ chemical characteristics might have played a crucial role in the development of complex life forms. How did complex life manage to evolve on the early, inhospitable Earth? Initially, ribonucleic acid (RNA) must have existed to carry the first genetic information. For these biomolecules to build-up complexity in their sequences, they [...]

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Improving infectious disease testing with gold nanoparticles

By harnessing the power of composite polymer particles adorned with gold nanoparticles, a group of researchers have delivered a more accurate means of testing for infectious diseases. Details of their research was published in the journal Langmuir ("Gold Nanoparticle-Decorated Polymer (GNDP) Particles for High-Optical-Density Immunoassay Probes"). The COVID-19 pandemic reinforced the need for fast and reliable infectious [...]

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New micromaterial releases nanoparticles that selectively destroy cancer cells

Researchers have developed micromaterials made up only of proteins, capable of delivering over an extended period of time nanoparticles that attack specific cancer cells and destroy them. The micromaterials mimic natural secretory granules found in the endocrine system and were proven effective in mouse models of colorectal cancer. The study is published in the journal Advanced Science. [...]

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Alzheimer’s Breakthrough: Scientists Make Revolutionary Leap

Dementia is a major health issue worldwide in the 21st century, impacting over 50 million people globally. This figure is expected to soar to 152 million by 2050, as the global population ages. Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the leading type of dementia, responsible for 60–80% of all dementia cases. Research on AD identifies two primary pathological [...]

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How small RNA molecules regulate viral infections of bacteria

Viruses need hosts. Whether it's measles, the flu or coronavirus, viral pathogens cannot multiply or infect other organisms without the assistance of their hosts' cellular infrastructure. However, humans are not the only ones affected by viruses: animals, plants and even microorganisms can all serve as hosts. Viruses that use bacteria as host cells are called bacteriophages [...]

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