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3D Eye Scans Emerge as a Crucial Tool in Combating Kidney Disease

A new study indicates that 3D retinal scans could revolutionize the early detection and monitoring of kidney disease, offering a non-invasive and efficient diagnostic tool. 3D eye scans can reveal vital clues about kidney health that could help to track the progression of disease, research suggests. The advance could revolutionize the monitoring of kidney [...]

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Researchers develop a blood test to identify individuals at risk of developing Parkinson’s disease

Research carried out at Oxford's Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences has led to the development of a new blood-based test to identify the pathology that triggers Parkinson's disease before the main symptoms occur. This could allow clinicians to screen for those individuals at high risk of developing the disease and facilitate the timely introduction [...]

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“Challenging the Paradigm” – Scientists Develop New Approach To Stop Cancer Growth

Biochemists at Case Western Reserve are concentrating on the degradation of a key protein that drives cancer; represents a major shift in research. Biochemical researchers at Case Western Reserve University have discovered a a new function of a key protein that leads to cancer–a finding they believe could lead to more effective treatments for a range [...]

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Researcher develops a chatbot with an expertise in nanomaterials

A researcher has just finished writing a scientific paper. She knows her work could benefit from another perspective. Did she overlook something? Or perhaps there's an application of her research she hadn't thought of. A second set of eyes would be great, but even the friendliest of collaborators might not be able to spare [...]

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Research shows human behavior guided by fast changes in dopamine levels

What happens in the human brain when we learn from positive and negative experiences? To help answer that question and better understand decision-making and human behavior, scientists are studying dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter produced in the brain that serves as a chemical messenger, facilitating communication between nerve cells in the brain and the [...]

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Tiny robots made from human cells heal damaged tissue

The ‘anthrobots’ were able to repair a scratch in a layer of neurons in the lab. Scientists have developed tiny robots made of human cells that are able to repair damaged neural tissue1. The ‘anthrobots’ were made using human tracheal cells and might, in future, be used in personalized medicine. Developmental biologist Michael Levin [...]

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Antimicrobial Resistance – A Global Concern

Key facts Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is one of the top global public health and development threats. It is estimated that bacterial AMR was directly responsible for 1.27 million global deaths in 2019 and contributed to 4.95 million deaths (1). The misuse and overuse of antimicrobials in humans, animals and plants are the main drivers in the development [...]

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Advancing Pancreatic Cancer Treatment with Nanoparticle-Based Chemotherapy

Pancreatic cancer, a particularly lethal form of cancer and the fourth leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the western world, often remains undiagnosed until its advanced stages due to a lack of early symptoms. Current treatments, like chemotherapies, have significant limitations, notably damaging healthy cells alongside tumor cells. However, recent advancements spearheaded by a [...]

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The ‘jigglings and wigglings of atoms’ reveal key aspects of COVID-19 virulence evolution

Richard Feynman famously stated, "Everything that living things do can be understood in terms of the jigglings and wigglings of atoms." This week, Nature Nanotechnology features a study that sheds new light on the evolution of the coronavirus and its variants of concern by analyzing the behavior of atoms in the proteins at the interface between the virus [...]

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AI system self-organizes to develop features of brains of complex organisms

Cambridge scientists have shown that placing physical constraints on an artificially-intelligent system—in much the same way that the human brain has to develop and operate within physical and biological constraints—allows it to develop features of the brains of complex organisms in order to solve tasks. As neural systems such as the brain organize themselves and make connections, [...]

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