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Emission of Fe- and Ti-Containing Nanoparticles from Coal-Fired Power Plants

In an article published in the journal Science of the Total Environment, researchers have highlighted the significance and potential risks associated with the release of nanoparticles from coal-fired power plants. Applying the single-particle inductively coupled plasma mass technique, the particle size and particle number concentration (PNC) of conventional metal-containing nanoparticles (Fe and Ti containing nanoparticles) were investigated. [...]

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Covalent Organic Framework Nanofluidic Hybrid Membrane for Osmotic Energy Generation

A paper recently published in the journal ACS Applied Energy Materials demonstrated the feasibility of using a covalent organic framework (COF)-based nanofluidic hybrid membranes (NHMs) to attain enhanced interfacial ion transport for the generation of osmotic energy. Importance of Osmotic Energy Osmotic energy exists in the form of a salinity gradient between seawater and freshwater and [...]

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Degradable Nanocomposite Removes Antibiotics from Contaminated Water

The excess fluoroquinolones (FQs) discharged into the aquatic environment due to human activities must be removed cost-effectively. In an article published in the Journal of Cleaner Production, the authors fabricated an environment-friendly dealkaline lignin-grafted Fe3O4 nanoparticles (Fe3O4@DAL) for the removal of fluoroquinolone antibiotics. Multiple interactions between Fe3O4@DAL and FQs facilitate their facile removal. The authors confirmed the [...]

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Light-controlled reactions at the nanoscale

Controlling strong electromagnetic fields on nanoparticles is the key to triggering targeted molecular reactions on their surfaces. Such control over strong fields is achieved via laser light. Although laser-induced formation and breaking of molecular bonds on nanoparticle surfaces have been observed in the past, nanoscopic optical control of surface reactions has not yet been [...]

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Bright Future for Nanophotonic Chips with Topological Rainbow Device

A paper recently published in the journal Nature Communications demonstrated an effective method to realize on-chip nanophotonic topological rainbow devices using the concept of synthetic dimensions.​​​​​​​ Importance of Synthetic Dimensions for the Construction of Topological Nanophotonics Device Topological photonics witnessed significant advancements in the last few years. Due to topological protection, photonic devices have become more [...]

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Green Approach to Silver Nanoparticle Fabrication with Citrus Fruits

In a study available in the journal Materials Today: Proceedings, silver nanoparticles (Ag NPs) were fabricated using a green method using Citrus X sinensis. Methylthioninium Chloride (MB) Dyes Threatening the Environment Dye and sewage drainage into waterways by factories is a significant ecological issue. The dye produced by large textile factories and other businesses has major [...]

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Coronavirus ‘ghosts’ found lingering in the gut

Scientists are studying whether long COVID could be linked to viral fragments found in the body months after initial infection. In the chaos of the first months of the coronavirus pandemic, oncologist and geneticist Ami Bhatt was intrigued by widespread reports of vomiting and diarrhoea in people infected with SARS-CoV-2. “At that time, this [...]

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Experts perplexed over number of people getting long COVID

Public health experts are divided over how many people are getting long COVID-19, a potentially debilitating condition that comes after a patient has recovered from the coronavirus. Ill effects from the condition can include fatigue, pain, neurological issues and even changes in mental health. Initially, public health officials believed that only a small minority [...]

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Four strange COVID symptoms you might not have heard about

Well over two years into the pandemic, hundreds of thousands of COVID cases continue to be recorded around the world every day. With the rise of new variants, the symptoms of COVID have also evolved. Initially, the NHS regarded a fever, cough, and loss or change in sense of smell or taste as the main symptoms which [...]

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A new method for exploring the nano-world

 Nanoparticles are everywhere. They are in our body as protein aggregates, lipid vesicles, or viruses. They are in our drinking water in the form of impurities. They are in the air we breath as pollutants. At the same time, many drugs are based on the delivery of nanoparticles, including the vaccines we have been [...]

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