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In lab study, nanoparticle shows promising results for treating severe allergies

For about one in 13 children in the U.S., normally harmless foodstuffs such as milk, eggs and peanuts can send the body's natural defenses into overdrive. Symptoms of food allergies can vary widely, but at worst, a systemwide allergic response can lead to anaphylaxis, a life-threatening condition characterized by a sudden drop in blood pressure [...]

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Platelet-Rich Plasma Applications for Achilles Tendon Repair: A Bridge between Biology and Surgery

Frank Boehm (Nanoapps Medical Inc. Founder) has contributed to 'Platelet-Rich Plasma Applications for Achilles Tendon Repair: A Bridge between Biology and Surgery', published by  International Journal of Molecular Sciences/ MDP. Abstract: Achilles tendon ruptures are very common tendon ruptures and their incidence is increasing in modern society, resulting in work incapacity and months off [...]

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SARS_CoV_2 Can Infect Neurons and Damage Brain Tissue

Using both mouse and human brain tissue, researchers at Yale School of Medicine have discovered that SARS-CoV-2 can directly infect the central nervous system and have begun to unravel some of the virus’s effects on brain cells. The study, published today in the Journal of Experimental Medicine (JEM), may help researchers develop treatments for the [...]

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MIT algorithm discovers antibiotic that can fight drug-resistant diseases

A deep learning algorithm developed at MIT has discovered new antibiotics that can treat drug-resistant diseases by killing 35 powerful bacteria. The pathogens that the halicin antibiotic has targetted include Acinetobacter baumannii, which was nicknamed “Iraqibacter” after it infected thousands of US service personnel returning from the war in Iraq. In 2017, the World Health [...]

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Article: ‘Digital Rights in the Age of Super Intelligence’ by Eva Kaili

In our transforming world, digital technology has the critical mass to push our frontiers and release unlimited potential. As the wave of digital transformation soars high, improving our lives, industries and economies, we must not overlook the risks that technologies and innovations pose on the fairness and cohesion of our societies, and our rights as [...]

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Scientists Discover a Way to Control the Immune System’s “Natural Killer” Cells With “Invisible” Stem Cells

UC San Francisco scientists have discovered a new way to control the immune system’s “natural killer” (NK) cells, a finding with implications for novel cell therapies and tissue implants that can evade immune rejection. The findings could also be used to enhance the ability of cancer immunotherapies to detect and destroy lurking tumors. The study, [...]

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Simulations Reveal Nature’s Design For Error Correction During DNA Replication

A team led by scientists at Georgia State University simulates the precise transition between the processes of DNA synthesis and proofreading DNA replication is one of the most important processes in biology, responsible for ensuring that a cell’s genetic material is copied over to new cells efficiently during cell division. But what happens when there [...]

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‘Long Covid’ is anything but a mild illness

With the excitement of the Covid vaccine’s arrival, it may be easy to forget and ignore those of us with “long Covid”, who are struggling to reclaim our previous, pre-viral lives and continue to live with debilitating symptoms. Even when the NHS has managed the herculean task of vaccinating the nation, Covid-19 and the new [...]

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Could COVID-19 have wiped out the Neandertals?

Everybody loves Neandertals, those big-brained brutes we supposedly outcompeted and ultimately replaced using our sharp tongues and quick, delicate minds. But did we really, though? Is it mathematically possible that we could yet be them, and they us? By the same token, could not the impossibly singular Mitochondrial Eve, her contemporary Y-chromosome Adam, and even [...]

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Inside Oxford’s coronavirus vaccine development

From a small discovery to producing at scale, photojournalist David Levene documents the groundbreaking work of the scientists of Oxford University during the development of a vaccine which is now poised for approval by medicines regulators. From the moment the coronavirus spilled out of China and spread around the world, the great hope for the return [...]

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