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In his latest post, B&T’s regular scribe and industry contrarian Robert Strohfeldt, takes a look at the latest artificial intelligence (AI) fad and warns that agencies, if history serves, shouldn’t place all their faith in this shiny new gizmo…

This genesis this article was a recent report on B&T titled “Be warned. Robots are coming for your job (Called Albert)”
I do not profess to be an IT expert – until recently I though a gigabyte was a mark left by a male prostitute. My background is pure and statistical maths and we did not use computers. We worked out the formulas and then the coders “organised” for the computer to do the calculations.

Therefore, I have called upon the help of a close friend and colleague, Professor Stephen Holden to jointly produce the following:
Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 classic 2001. A Space Odyssey introduced the masses to AI, with HAL the computer, who takes on a mind of its own. Science fiction has always had a huge following (Dr Who is still running 54 years after it first launched) and so much of what was once science fiction is now science fact. This has led to the general consensus that “nothing is impossible” and computers can solve complex problems.

This is patently false….


Image Credit:      2001: A Space Odyssey

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