Terasem’s 12th Annual Workshop On Geoethical Nanotechnology took place as usual on July 20 2017 in the Terasem sim, Second Life, with great talks by David Brin, Yalda Mousavinia, David Orban, and Martine Rothblatt. Watch the full video.

The Workshop is always held on July 20 to honor the anniversary of the first lunar landing. This year’s workshop theme was “Using Geoethical Nanotechnology to Combat Climate Change.”

As usual, Terasem Vice-President Lori Rhodes organized a flawless workshop with 35–40 participants, which is a lot for a daytime event on a working day.

Perhaps you think that Second Life is yesterday’s news, but make no mistake… the next wave of VR-enabled virtual worlds inspired by Second Life is tomorrow’s news.

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