Aiming to intensify contribution in the field of Nano medicine, India on Thursday launched a first-of-its-kind Indian Society of Nano Medicine (ISNM).

ISNM is an initiative which will bring several Indian nano technology researchers together and use it for slashing high cost of medicines, provide customised treatment and improve diagnostics.

It’s biggest advantage to the Indian medicine system is precise cancer treatment, which means nano technology will be used to destroy cancerous cells without harming healthy cells at a less cost.

Members of the new forum will be from various fields, such as eminent health care providers, engineers from the Indian Institute of Technology (IITs) and nano science researchers, among others, who have been researching on nano science for almost a decade.

“Apart from providing targeted delivery, nano drugs will also help in lowering the cost as dosage will reduce from milligrams to nanograms with less side effects,” Amit Dinda, Secretary of ISNM and Professor of Pathology at AIIMS, told IANS.


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