Chemical engineer and prolific inventor Robert S. Langer of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology — known as the “Edison of medicine” — is the recipient of the $250,000 Kabiller Prize in Nanoscience and Nanomedicine for 2017, Northwestern University’s International Institute for Nanotechnology announced.

The Kabiller Prize is the largest monetary award in the world for outstanding achievement in the field of nanotechnology and its application to medicine and biology.

The Kabiller Prize and the $10,000 Kabiller Young Investigator Award in Nanoscience and Nanomedicine were established in 2015 through the generosity of Northwestern trustee and alumnus David G. Kabiller to recognize the people designing the technologies that will drive innovation in nanomedicine and also to educate others as to the field’s great promise for helping society.

The most cited engineer in history and the holder of 1,284 issued and pending patents, Langer is being honored for the extraordinary impact of his interdisciplinary work in the design and development of novel nanocarriers for improved small molecule drug delivery. Also being recognized is his work on controlled delivery systems for genetically engineered therapeutic proteins, DNA and RNA as well as his strong leadership.

“Bob Langer is a pioneer in the fields of nanomedicine and chemical engineering, and he has influenced so many others through his spirit, creative energy and practical insights,” said Kabiller, a co-founder of AQR Capital Management, a global investment management firm in Greenwich, Connecticut. “While great science is necessary to be successful, it is not sufficient. Leadership, working together and inspiring others are also essential for solving complex problems and helping humankind.”

Image Credit:  MIT

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