Healthcare is one of the sectors that could immensely benefit from implementing block-chain technology, an expert said.

Bahrain’s healthcare sector should look toward blockchain as a source of improvement in how it stores and manages patients data. The technology could improve the sectors in many ways, helping both the healthcare institutions and the patients, Blockchain expert Fawaz Shakrallah told DT News.

“It is very impressive what the Gulf region, especially the UAE, is doing to implement blockchain within the government. Bahrain is still in the early stages when it comes to learning from the technology and how it can be implemented. We can look at what Dubai is doing and we can definitely implement some cases here in Bahrain and benefit the citizens and residents, “ he said.

“We can target the financial sector, even for existing banks and existing financial institutions,” he said, adding “We can implement it in the healthcare sector with the Ministry of Health to consolidate and store patient’s record on the blockchain. This would make it more accurate and more effective in storing the data,” he added.

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