Elsevier, the information analytics company specializing in science and health, has announced that applications and nominations for The Hive, its innovation hub for biotech and pharmaceutical startups, are now open.

This year, at least eight leading-edge start-ups working on innovative goals will be chosen to become part of The Hive, with an unlimited number of places for exceptional candidates. The Hive’s start-ups will receive complimentary access to Elsevier’s suite of digital solutions for 18 months – helping them rapidly advance their critical research, and improve productivity. The Hive, first launched in 2016, highlights the superior levels of innovation in the start-up biotech and pharma sector; as well as demonstrating to larger companies, and other areas of the research community, how R&D challenges can be overcome.

“We created The Hive in 2016 to highlight the trend in the industry that has seen biotech and pharma start-ups become centres of cutting-edge science. This trend is continuing in 2017 – many of the most promising drug candidates and discoveries in R&D pipelines originate from these early stage companies,” commented Tamas Szarvas, CMO, Corporate R&D, Elsevier’s R&D Solutions.

“In 2017, The Hive will continue to highlight the fresh, innovative and agile world of R&D that is taking place within start-ups, and we look forward to welcoming a new group of participants. Additionally, we know that the industry is always looking to learn from these innovation powerhouses, and The Hive offers a far-reaching platform for sharing success stories.”


Image Credit:   DTR


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