From Jayme Hoffman at The Mission:

Here’s a fun idea…

If Apple wasn’t competing with Tesla and were to re-run it’s famous “Think Different” campaign, would you place Elon Musk among the group of “crazy ones?”

He’s a rebel, a trouble maker and thinks he can change the world. Elon has a certain knack for thinking different.

Like Aristotle, Euclid, Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla; Elon has a method to his “thinking different” madness. It’s called First principles thinking and anyone can use it.

What is first principles thinking?

First principles are the origins, main concepts or assumptions that cannot be deduced from anything else.

Thinking in terms of first principles is basically like starting your thinking or reasoning with the most essential facts.


First principles” is a physics way of looking at the world…what that really means is that you boil things down to the most fundamental truths…and then reason up from there…that takes a lot more mental energy — Elon Musk


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