Cancer and AI – Can ChatGPT Be Trusted?

A study published in the Journal of The National Cancer Institute Cancer Spectrum delved into the increasing use of chatbots and artificial intelligence (AI) in providing cancer-related information. The researchers discovered that these digital resources accurately debunk common myths and misconceptions about cancer. This pioneering research was conducted by Skyler Johnson, MD, a physician-scientist at the [...]

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Breathing New Life: Oxygen Therapy Improves Heart Function in Long COVID Patients

A small trial has found that hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) may help restore proper heart function in patients with post-COVID syndrome, with participants in the HBOT group experiencing a significant increase in global longitudinal strain (GLS), an indicator of heart function. A small randomized trial in patients with post-COVID syndrome has found that hyperbaric [...]

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Wireless Brain-Spine Interface: A Leap Towards Reversing Paralysis

Summary: In a pioneering study, researchers designed a wireless brain-spine interface enabling a paralyzed man to walk naturally again. The ‘digital bridge’ comprises two electronic implants — one on the brain and another on the spinal cord — that decode brain signals and stimulate the spinal cord to activate leg muscles. Remarkably, the patient experienced [...]

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New study reveals a gel that promises to wipe out brain cancer for good

An anti-cancer gel promises to wipe out glioblastoma permanently, a feat that's never been accomplished by any drug or surgery. So what makes this gel so special? Scientists at Johns Hopkins University (JHU) have developed a novel gel that both eliminates brain cancer (glioblastoma) and keeps it from recurring. When they tested this anti-cancer [...]

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New production process for therapeutic nanovesicles

Particles known as extracellular vesicles play a vital role in communication between cells and in many cell functions. Released by cells into their environment, these “membrane particles” consist of a cellular membrane carrying a cargo of specific signaling molecules, proteins, nucleic acids and lipids. Unfortunately, only tiny quantities of the vesicles are formed spontaneously [...]

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Could studying African killifish be the secret cure to sarcopenia?

The Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI) at Monash University suggests that muscle wasting, known as sarcopenia, may be reversed in late-life The study utilized the African killifish as a model and found that muscles revert to an “early-life” state, slowing mortality. This discovery could potentially lead to interventions that slow down or even reverse age-related muscle [...]

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Virtual AI Radiologist: ChatGPT Passes Radiology Board Exam

The most recent version of ChatGPT, an AI chatbot developed for language interpretation and response generation, has successfully passed a radiology board-style exam, demonstrating both its potential and limitations, according to research studies published in the Radiological Society of North America’s journal. The latest version of ChatGPT passed a radiology board-style exam, highlighting the [...]

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Harnessing Energy Waves: Smart Material Prototype Challenges Newton’s Laws of Motion

University of Missouri researchers designed a prototype of a small, lightweight active ‘metamaterial’ that can control the direction and intensity of energy waves. Professor Guoliang Huang of the University of Missouri has developed a prototype metamaterial that can control the direction and intensity of energy waves using electrical signals. The innovative material has potential [...]

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Nanotechnology revolutionizes the way cancer-fighting T cells navigate and combat tumors

Vanderbilt researchers are bolstering the fight against cancer with technology that enhances the effectiveness of T cells that attack tumors. The cutting-edge research was recently published in the journal Science Immunology. Cancers co-opt both the immune and cardiovascular systems to fuel their own growth, researchers say. They do this in part by forming new [...]

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Molecular “Superpower” of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Revealed in New Research

A species of ordinary gut bacteria that we all carry flourishes when the intestinal flora is knocked out by a course of antibiotics. Since the bacteria is naturally resistant to many antibiotics, it causes problems, particularly in healthcare settings. A study led by Lund University in Sweden now shows how two molecular mechanisms can work together [...]

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