CogniOn is developing a next generation human/machine interface platform to enhance the treatment of refractory chronic pain through the development of an advanced neuromodulation platform for the treatment of refractory chronic pain at single neuron resolution that employs in vivo energy harvesting. Through incremental advances, downstream clinical systems will merge with human enhancement applications, culminating in the development of a nanomedically enabled Brain/Cloud Interface (B/CI).

CogniOn will work in conjunction with NeuroStym, NA, and EELAI toward the development of a human Brain/Cloud Interface (B/CI).

Extensive in vitro/advanced microfluidic “brain on a chip” investigations will initially be undertaken in the laboratory prior to integrating the resulting technologies with humanoid robotic avatars for further extensive testing. When such B/CI systems attain the level of sophistication wherein nanomedical platforms may be utilized, which have been medically and technically approved and deemed as safe for use in humans, volunteer human subjects will be engaged for the initial testing of a true B/CI.

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