From PR Newswire / Precision NanoSystems:

Precision NanoSystems, Inc. (PNI), a biotechnology company dedicated to helping advance nanotechnology solutions for the molecular understanding and treatment of disease, today officially launches its NanoAssemblr Blaze™ system.

The NanoAssemblr Blaze moves nanomedicine development from the preliminary stages of formulation screening and iteration onto large batch manufacturing of nanoparticles suitable for toxicology screening and analysis. Based on the proven NanoAssemblr platform, the increase in volume afforded by the Blaze provides a seamless transition without further process development.

“This product is an exciting leap forward for Precision NanoSystems,” said James Taylor, CEO and Co-founder of PNI. “We started with our NanoAssemblr Benchtop instrument, which helped researchers develop small batches of precise nanoparticles, but we soon realized we needed to respond to the impetus to scale up production with that same level of accuracy. The NanoAssemblr Blaze does exactly that, without having to re-invent process.”


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Image Credit: PR Newswire

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