Message from Amanda Scott, NanoApps Medical CEO:

If you are reading this you probably searched for the Chakravarthy Lab website on google and noticed all links to the site go nowhere.

So you tried this link – since it appears in searches immediately under links to the non-existent website for Chakravarthy Lab.

Frank Boehm and NanoApps Medical Inc and Amanda Scott have NO relationship anymore with Dr Krishnan Chakravarthy and his Chakravarthy Lab San Diego.

We built his website, paid for the rights to use images and even made the site GDPR compliant. He didn’t pay his bill despite requesting an Invoice. He has since ignored all efforts to contact him and settle his account. Therefore, we regrettably repossessed his site and will refer this matter to debt collectors in San Diego.

Therefore, the following content – which was posted on July 2 2018 – is no longer valid.

There will be a further statement on this in due course.

You can reach me directly here at should you require any explanation or clarification in the meantime.

Amanda Scott – CEO NanoApps Medical Inc

Published on July 2 2018:

The primary goals of the Chakravarthy Lab are to investigate the pathophysiology and mechanisms of chronic pain in the context of complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), diabetic neuropathy, persistent postsurgical pain and neuropathic pain.  Further, our lab focuses on how volatile anesthetics and various pain modulators affect host immunity to viral and bacterial infections.

Frank Boehm has been involved with nanotechnology and especially nanomedicine since 1996.

He initiated and serves as CEO of NanoApps Medical Incorporated. The aim of this company is to investigate and develop advanced, innovative, and cost effective nanomedical diagnostic and therapeutic devices and systems for the benefit of individuals in both the developing and developed worlds.

Frank is the author of Nanomedical Device and Systems Design: Challenges, Possibilities, Visions, which was published by CRC Press, and is currently generating two new books. He will serve as Industry Liaison for the Chakravarthay Lab, and work to facilitate and expedite the translation of advanced nanomedical technologies to commercialization on a global scale.

Visit the Chakravarthy Lab site.

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