Immune Aspects of Biopharmaceuticals and Nanomedicines

1st Edition
Raj Bawa, Janos Szebeni, Thomas J Webster, Gerald F. Audette

The enormous advances in the immunology of biotherapeutics and nanomedicines in the past two decades have necessitated an authoritative and comprehensive reference that can be relied upon by immunologists, biomedical researchers, physicians, pharmaceutical and formulation scientists, clinicians, regulatory personnel, technology transfer officers, venture capitalists, and policy makers alike.

Table of Contents

Proteins as Medicines: The Era of Biologics
Raj Bawa, János Szebeni, Thomas J. Webster, and Gerald F. Audette

Immunological Issues with Medicines of Nano Size: The Price of Dimension Paradox
János Szebeni and Raj Bawa

Immunotherapy and Vaccines
Johanna Poecheim and Gerrit Borchard

Emerging Trends in Delivery of Novel Vaccine Formulations
Trinh Phuong Vo, Rikhav P. Gala, Thripthy Chandran, Sucheta D’Sa, and Ruhi V. Ubale

Current Understanding of Interactions between Nanoparticles and the Immune System
Marina A. Dobrovolskaia, Michael Shurin, and Anna A. Shvedova

Auto-antibodies as Biomarkers for Disease Diagnosis
Angelika Lueking, Heike Göhler, and Peter Schulz-Knappe

The Accelerated Blood Clearance Phenomenon of PEGylated Nanocarriers
Amr S. Abu Lila and Tatsuhiro Ishida

Anti-PEG Immunity Against PEGylated Therapeutics
Amr S. Abu Lila and Tatsuhiro Ishida
Complement Activation: Challenges to Nanomedicine Development
Dennis E. Hourcade, Christine T. N. Pham, and Gregory M. Lanza

Intravenous Immunoglobulin at the Borderline of Nanomedicines and Biologicals: Antithrombogenic Effect via Complement Attenuation
Milan Basta

Lessons Learned from the Porcine CARPA Model: Constant and Variable Responses to Different Nanomedicines and Administration Protocols
Rudolf Urbanics, Péter Bedőcs, and János Szebeni

Blood Cell Changes in Complement Activation-Related Pseudoallergy: Intertwining of Cellular and Humoral Interactions
Zsófia Patkó and János Szebeni

Immune Reactions in the Delivery of RNA Interference-Based Therapeutics: Mechanisms and Opportunities
Kaushik Thanki, Emily Falkenberg, Monique Gangloff, and Camilla Foged

Lipid Nanoparticles Technology Induced Immunomodulatory Effects of siRNA
Ranjita Shegokar and Prabhat Mishra

Nanovaccines against Intracellular Pathogens Using Coxiella burnetii as a Model Organism
Erin J. van Schaik, Anthony E. Gregory, Gerald F. Audette, and James E. Samuel

Immunogenicity Assessment for Therapeutic Protein Products

Assay Development and Validation for Immunogenicity Testing of Therapeutic Protein Products: Guidance for Industry

The “Sentinel”: A Nanomedical Strategy for Radical Immune System Enhancement
Frank Boehm and Angelika Domschke

Immunotherapy for Gliomas and Other Intracranial Malignancies
Mario Ganau, Gianfranco K. I. Ligarotti, Salvatore Chibbaro, and Andrea Soddu

Liposome-Induced Complement Activation-Related Pseudoallergy
Amr S. Abu Lila, Janos Szebeni, and Tatsuhiro Ishida

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