Frank Boehm (NanoApps Medical Inc. Founder) in discussion with Nana Kay in a Wealth Secrets podcast.

EP 19. Nanovisaging 2040.

From Nana Kay:

Nanovisaging 2040:
How Synergies between Nanotechnology, Nanomedicine, and AI might Benefit Humanity and Earth.

Ladies and Gentlemen, as we continue our journey on the train of enlightenment our next stop is based on a discussion about How synergies between nanotech, nanomedicine, and AI might benefit humanity and the earth at large with the theme NANOVISAGING 2040. Here we discuss nanotech, AI, and medicine do stay tuned. Join the WS team and our capable guest in the person of Frank Boehm (Founder – NanoApps Medical) as we navigate this exciting topic.

About Frank Boehm

1) 13 years on the road as a professional Rock/Pop musician. Toured North America.
17 years as a mechanical/senior mechanical designer for an automated (robotic) assembly systems company.

2) Founded NanoApps Medical, Inc. 2009
Co-Founded NanoApps Athletics, Inc. 2019

NanoApps Athletics Inc. develops innovative nanomedical diagnostic and therapeutic platforms, specifically tailored to significantly expedite the quantification, repair, and healing of myriad sports related injuries.

3) Published the first book on nanomedicine – Nanomedical Device and Systems Design – Challenges, Possibilities, Visions
(CRC Press -2013)

4) Currently working on three books simultaneously that explore three potential global scale applications of synergistic nanotechnology, nanomedicine, and AI

Listen to the podcast here:


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