My Apple health chatbot referred me to the Amazon hospital where I got Google drugs…

Verily, Calico, Deepmind – more than 150 patents in life sciences and countless collaborations with pharma companies. The search engine’s parent company, Alphabet takes its move into healthcare and medicine seriously. We looked thoroughly at what Google in healthcare looks like.

It’s 2030, a rainy Tuesday morning in downtown Seattle. While my self-driving car is taking me to a digital health symposium, I’m working on my keynote speech. Suddenly I receive a notification from my Apple health chatbot, Miri. The sensors measured my blood pressure, my heart rate, my oxygen saturation, my stress level and my activities, and Miri recommended me to go and see my doctor for a check-up. As I couldn’t be sure whether it only goes down to my excitement due to the conference or there is something to be worried about, I go to the Amazon hospital.

My doctor is miles away, but he is connected to the medical team through telemedicine. They check my medical records attached to the Apple Health app, they examine me thoroughly, and finally, they prescribe me a pill for lowering my blood pressure produced and researched by Google. Do you see a future like this impossible?

What if we look at all the moves tech giants are taking in healthcare?

Image Credit:  Google

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