Artificial Intelligence – Ethics, Governance and Policy Challenges by Andrea Renda and CEPS Think Tank released.

About the report:

CEPS is launching a Task Force to try to bring back the AI debate to a more concrete discussion of outstanding ethical, governance and policy challenges. The Task Force will focus in particular on EU policy, but will also look at developments in other parts of the world.

Artificial intelligence has finally reached its “hype” phase, with countless experts, real and self-proclaimed gurus, and also generalist newspapers, blogs, magazines becoming more and more attentive to its breathtaking development.

Too often, however, the current debate falls short of addressing concrete policy challenges: sometimes, the discussion appears trapped into extreme cases such as the “trolley problem” for self-driving cars; or the possibility that artificial general intelligence surpasses human intelligence. This often leads to a rather dystopian view of AI as an existential risk for humanity and also as an unprecedented job-killer. At the same time, it leaves important ethical, governance and policy questions unaddressed.

These issues are wide-ranging, encompassing the liability, accountability and transparency of algorithm developers, the attribution of rights and duties to smart autonomous robots, the design of an innovation-friendly data policy for AI-enabled applications and most importantly, the empowerment of all citizens and end users, thanks to a widespread diffusion of socially relevant AI-enabled innovation.

Image Credit:  Amanda Scott, Alias Studio Sydney

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