We are on the brink of a revolution in healthcare. AI is making the drug discovery process >100X faster and cheaper, and 90 percent more likely to succeed in clinical trials. Mobile health is predicted to become a $102 billion market by 2022, putting a virtual doctor, on-demand, in your back pocket. And the cost of sequencing your genome (3.2 billion base pairs) has decreased 100,000-fold over 13 years, a staggering speed that is 3 times faster than the rate of Moore’s Law.

But humans have barely scratched the surface. As exponential technologies explode onto the scene all at once, we are about to witness the unprecedented rise of personalized, ubiquitous, and intelligent healthcare. In this blog, we’ll discuss how converging exponential technologies are enabling:

  1. Personalized medicine
  2. Delocalized (“everywhere”) care
  3. The new era of intelligent prevention

We are truly living in an era when anything is possible…

Image Credit:  Emulate

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