There’s no cooler biz on the planet than startups, and there’s no denying Silicon Valley is the startups capital of the world… for now.

Cities all over the world are vying to knock the crown off this tech king. And Startup Genome has all the cities doing their best to keep up with San Fran sultan in its new Global Startup Ecosystem Report and Ranking 2017.

The 150-page report is based on a year’s worth of research, spanning a whopping 10,000 startups and 300 partner companies. This is Startup Genome’s third comprehensive report, based on speaking with entrepreneurs and massive amounts of data on startups.

Startup Genome examined how cities help growing and sustaining vibrant startup ecosystems through eight major factors: funding, market reach, global connectedness, technical talent, startup experience, resource attraction, corporate involvement, founder ambition and strategy.

It may not come as a great surprise but this year’s top three startup ecosystems are Silicon Valley, New York, and London. However, there is a lot more to the report than the top few places.



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