Foresight Institute and the Transformative Technology Conference:

Technical abilities have greatly accelerated in the last few decades, but the processes to become energized, mentally focused, emotionally connected, aware and internally aligned haven’t followed the same exponential curve. It’s time to accelerate. Global crises are calling upon us to unlock the solutions we have within.

It’s our critical moment to develop compassion, calm, and other inner capacities that equal or exceed the fear and swirling chaos.

The Foresight Institute’s mission is to support and amplify those emerging technologies that have the potential to shape our collective future. We see the convergence of innovative technologies and developing internal human capacities—both are needed for our future thriving.

The annual Transformative Technology Conference in Palo Alto convenes an ecosystem of scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and investors that are building the technologies that foster greater human capacities for future thriving. The theme this year is “Wiring Humanity for the Future.”

We are excited to be partnering with the TransTech Conference and want to invite you to join us in exploring the impact of transformative technologies on the future of humanity.

Transformative Technology Conference Website