NanoApps Medical Inc. CEO Frank Boehm has signed with IOP Publishing to produce Nanomedical Brain/Cloud Interface: Explorations and Implications – a book that will explore the notion of a nanomedically enabled Brain/Cloud Interface (B/CI).

From the NanoApps Medical Inc. website:

Nanomedical Brain/Cloud Interface: Explorations and Implications

“…embarks on an in-depth exploration of the (hypothetical) possibility that the cerebral cortex of the human brain might one day be seamlessly, safely, and securely connected with the Cloud as a Brain/Cloud Interface (B/CI). This interface might serve as a personalized conduit through which individuals would not only have immediate access to virtually any facet of cumulative human knowledge, but also the optional and specialized capacity to engage in real time fully immersive experiential/sensory engagement, including what is referred to as “Transparent Shadowing” (TS), where individuals may experience episodic segments of the lives of other willing participants anywhere on the planet in real time, at full sensory resolution.”

Boehm explains the rationale for this book and why he feels that it is timely:

“Since the rate of technological change and advances is becoming increasingly rapid, to the point where they will be truly exponential, it will not be long before a (hypothetical for now) nanomedically enabled Brain/Cloud Interface (B/CI) may be possible. I believe that it will be critical and prudent to begin serious discussions about the benefits, as well as the potential risks to humanity as soon as is possible, so that we may proactively and positively guide the optimal development of such potentially powerful technologies. Better than rushing to attempt to accurately comprehend, address, and negate any perceived/evident negative ramifications after the fact.”

This book is one facet of a multi-pronged approach exploring how humanity might harness and perhaps someday meld with the rapid emergence of ubiquitous AI via nanotechnology and nanomedicine.