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Scientists Unveil Urea’s Secret Role in the Origin of Life

Scientists from ETH Zurich and the University of Geneva have developed a new technique that allows them to observe chemical reactions taking place in liquids at extremely high temporal resolution. This innovation enables them to track how molecules change within in mere femtoseconds – in other words, within a few quadrillionths of a second. This breakthrough builds upon [...]

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Viagra Lowers Alzheimer’s Risk by Almost 70%, Early Study Finds

Research published recently suggests that Pfizer’s erectile dysfunction drug Viagra can decrease the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease by up to 69 percent. The research, which was published in Nature, found that the medication has a direct effect on brain health and significantly reduces the toxic proteins that can cause dementia. The study’s findings are [...]

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Future of Medical Imaging: Advanced AI Can Tell Your True Age by Looking at Your Chest

An AI-powered model utilizes chest X-rays to help develop biomarkers for aging. What if determining “your age” was based on your chest rather than your face? Scientists from Osaka Metropolitan University have crafted an advanced AI model that uses chest X-rays to precisely gauge a patient’s actual age. Importantly, when there is a disparity, [...]

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Ultra-sensitive biosensors detect cancer in a blood test

Cancer biomarkers circulating in body fluids can be used for diagnosis and treatment monitoring. However, current detection technology lacks the required sensitivity, limiting biomarker use in clinical applications. Colorectal cancer is the second most common cancer in Europe with respect to incidence and mortality. Although early detection significantly improves outcome, screening compliance in the [...]

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Viruses cause 200+ diseases. This one drug may be able to treat them all.

By taking aim at a process common across many viruses, the drug could one day stop any number of known viruses — and new ones. t’s about as audacious an idea as you can find in the world of infectious disease: a broad-spectrum antiviral — a “penicillin for viruses.” The stakes are incredibly high. [...]

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Scientists Identify Potential Treatment for Rare and Devastating Lung Disease

The findings could lead to a cure for LAM. Researchers from the University of Cincinnati may have identified a potential treatment for lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM), a rare lung condition resembling cancer found predominantly in women of reproductive age. The exact cause of LAM remains a mystery, and no known cure exists. However, new research funded by the [...]

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Faster Than Can Be Explained – Photonic Time Crystals Could Revolutionize Optics

A recent study reveals oscillations in the refractive index that are faster than can be explained by current theories. A study recently published in the journal Nanophotonics reveals that by rapidly modulating the refractive index – which is the ratio of the speed of electromagnetic radiation in a medium compared to its speed in a vacuum [...]

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Cracking Cancer’s Origin Story: Stanford Researchers Uncover Predictable Plot Line

Researchers from Stanford Medicine have discovered that cancer cells-to-be accumulate a series of specific genetic changes in a predictable and sequential way years before they are identifiable as pre-malignancies. Many of these changes affect pathways that control cell division, structure, and internal messaging — leaving the cells poised to go bad long before any visible signs [...]

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New Antibiotic Could Be a Powerful Weapon Against Superbugs

A novel antibiotic named Clovibactin, extracted from previously uncultivable bacteria, has been found effective against harmful bacteria, including multi-resistant “superbugs”. Clovibactin’s unique mechanism of targeting multiple essential precursor molecules in the bacterial cell wall makes it difficult for bacteria to become resistant to it. A new powerful antibiotic, isolated from previously unstudied bacteria, [...]

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Inhalable molecules neutralize SARS-CoV-2 in mice

Nanofitins, which are derived from a protein found in Sulfolobus acidocaldarius—an archaeal microorganism found in hot springs—successfully neutralized SARS-CoV-2 in mice and were well-tolerated. When inhaled by the rodents, the engineered nanofitins, which inhibit the virus by binding to its spike proteins, were observed to quickly reach the lungs in high doses both preventing [...]

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