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New Nanoparticles Deliver Therapy Brain-Wide and Edit Alzheimer’s Gene

Summary: Researchers have developed a new family of nano-scale capsules capable of carrying CRISPR gene editing tools to different organs of the body before harmlessly dissolving. The capsules were able to enter the brains of mice and successfully edit a gene associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Source: University of Wisconsin-Madison Gene therapies have the potential to treat [...]

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Cancer’s Secret Weapon? Enzyme That Protects Against Viruses May Fuel Tumor Evolution

An enzyme that defends human cells against viruses can help drive cancer evolution towards greater malignancy by causing myriad mutations in cancer cells, according to a study led by investigators at Weill Cornell Medicine. The finding suggests that the enzyme may be a potential target for future cancer treatments. In the new study, published recently [...]

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Scientists Uncover Japanese Fruit Juice That May Help Prevent Lung Cancer

Using a mouse model, Japanese researchers unleash the likely mechanism of action of Actinidia arguta (sarunashi) juice on lung cancer development. Lung cancer is a leading cause of death in Japan and across the globe. Among all the cancers, lung cancer has one of the lowest five-year survival rates. Smoking tobacco and using tobacco-based [...]

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In-place manufacturing method improves gas sensor capabilities, production time

When used as wearable medical devices, stretchy, flexible gas sensors can identify health conditions or issues by detecting oxygen or carbon dioxide levels in the breath or sweat. They also are useful for monitoring air quality in indoor or outdoor environments by detecting gas, biomolecules and chemicals. But manufacturing the devices, which are created [...]

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In the core of the cell: New insights into the utilization of nanotechnology-based drugs

Novel drugs, such as vaccines against covid-19, among others, are based on drug transport using nanoparticles. Whether this drug transport is negatively influenced by an accumulation of blood proteins on the nanoparticle’s surface was not clarified for a long time. Scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research have now followed the path [...]

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The costly lesson from COVID: why elimination should be the default global strategy for future pandemics

Imagine it is 2030. Doctors in a regional hospital in country X note an expanding cluster of individuals with severe respiratory disease. Rapid whole-genome sequencing identifies the disease-causing agent as a novel coronavirus. Epidemiological investigations suggest the virus is highly infectious, with most initial cases requiring hospitalisation. The episode bears a striking resemblance to [...]

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How Artificial Intelligence Found the Words To Kill Cancer Cells

A predictive model has been developed that enables researchers to encode instructions for cells to execute. Scientists at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) and IBM Research have created a virtual library of thousands of “command sentences” for cells using machine learning. These “sentences” are based on combinations of “words” that direct engineered immune cells to find [...]

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Next-generation, light-activated nanotech for antibiotic-resistant superbugs

It's "lights out" for antibiotic-resistant superbugs as next-generation light-activated nanotech proves it can eradicate some of the most notorious and potentially deadly bacteria in the world. Developed by the University of South Australia and published in Pharmaceutics, the new light therapy can eliminate antibiotic-resistant superbugs golden staph and Pseudomonas aeruginosa by 500,000-fold and 100,000-fold [...]

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Unconventional experiments produce new nanoscale particles with big potential

Nanoparticles are complex materials smaller than 100 nanometers, or about the size of a virus, but they have a large range of potential applications, from medicine to energy to electronics. Now, hundreds of new nanoparticles with previously unknown features have been produced using an innovative experimental approach. Chemists usually make materials by finding the [...]

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Engineers to advance nanomedicine manufacturing using AI

A novel combination of artificial intelligence and production techniques could change the future of nanomedicine, according to Cornell researchers using a new $3 million grant from the National Science Foundation to revolutionize how polymer nanoparticles are manufactured. Polymer nanoparticles have emerged as a powerful tool for delivering medicine to precisely the right place, at [...]

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