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Nanofiber-coated cotton bandages fight infection and speed healing

An interdisciplinary team of Cornell researchers has identified an innovative way to harness the antioxidant and antibacterial properties of the botanical compound lawsone to make nanofiber-coated cotton bandages that fight infection and help wounds heal more quickly. Their findings, published in the International Journal of Pharmaceutics, are especially important given the increasing prevalence of multidrug-resistant bacteria. Cotton [...]

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Ancient Brain Region Discovered To Be More Important Than Previously Thought

Researchers from the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience found that the superior colliculus, a brain region preserved throughout evolution, plays a more vital role in vision than previously believed. When we look at something, we can easily distinguish an object from the background. While this sounds obvious, how our brain accomplishes it is still quite [...]

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Nanomedicine advancement shows potential for personalized point-of-care therapeutics

Stefan Wilhelm, an associate professor in the Stephenson School of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Oklahoma, and several students in his Biomedical Nano-Engineering Lab have recently published an article in the journal Nano Letters that outlines their recent important nanomedicine advancement. The group examined how to create tools that produce nanomedicines, such as vaccine formulations, directly at the [...]

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What Happens When Machine Learning Goes Too Far?

Every piece of fiction carries a kernel of truth, and now is about the time to get a step ahead of sci-fi dystopias and determine what the risk in machine sentience can be for humans. Although people have long pondered the future of intelligent machinery, such questions have become all the more pressing with [...]

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Future of Health: Predicting Disease With Retinal Imaging and Genetics

Mass Eye and Ear physician-researchers show that retinal imaging can help predict a person’s risk of developing ocular, neuropsychiatric, cardiac, metabolic, and pulmonary diseases. The team also identified genetic loci associated with retinal thinning, which could help develop personalized treatment plans and future therapies for eye diseases such as glaucoma and macular degeneration. The [...]

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Artificially intelligent software provides a detailed look at jets of plasma used to treat cancer

Artificially intelligent software has been developed to enhance medical treatments that use jets of electrified gas known as plasma. The computer code predicts the chemicals emitted by plasma devices, which can be used to treat cancer, promote healthy tissue growth and sterilize surfaces. The software learned to predict the cocktail of chemicals coming out [...]

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Physicists Unlock Quantum Immortality With Revolutionary Time Crystal

Researchers have successfully extended the lifespan of time crystals, confirming a theoretical concept proposed by Frank Wilczek. This marks a significant step forward in quantum physics. A team from TU Dortmund University recently succeeded in producing a highly durable time crystal that lived millions of times longer than could be shown in previous experiments. [...]

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A sleeker facial recognition technology tested on Michelangelo’s David

Many people are familiar with facial recognition systems that unlock smartphones and game systems or allow access to our bank accounts online. But the current technology can require boxy projectors and lenses. Now, researchers report in Nano Letters a sleeker 3D surface imaging system with flatter, simplified optics. In proof-of-concept demonstrations, the new system recognized the face of [...]

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Light-Speed Leap in Nano Printing: Faster, Cheaper Metal Structures

Their technique could transform a scientific field reliant on cost-prohibitive technology. Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a light-based means of printing nano-sized metal structures that is significantly faster and cheaper than any technology currently available. It is a scalable solution that could transform a scientific field long reliant on technologies [...]

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A Cure for Malaria Is Likely Farther Away Than Scientists Thought

People with blood trait thought to prevent the disease still became infected; the question now is ‘how?’ For decades, researchers dedicated to finding a cure for malaria believed they had pinpointed a blood type that appeared to offer protection against the disease. However, a recent publication in Cell Host & Microbe has revealed that even individuals [...]

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