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#AskTheCEO Video: Cybersecurity, AI, and Industry 4.0 With Dr Johannes Drooghaag

From #AskTheCEO on YouTube: Dr. Johannes Drooghaag is the CEO of Spearhead Management, in Germany. He is an accomplished speaker in the areas of Executive Leadership, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Agile Business Management. He has authored many publications on areas of High-tech, such as Cybersecurity, as well as other business related topics. Currently, he [...]

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Artificial intelligence used to predict cancer growth

Scientists have used artificial intelligence to predict how cancers will progress and evolve. This could help doctors design the most effective treatment for each patient. A team led by the Institute of Cancer Research London (ICR) and the University of Edinburgh developed a new technique known as Revolver (Repeated Evolution of Cancer). This picks [...]

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#AskTheCEO Video: Microsoft Azure in Healthcare, and IoMT With David Houlding

From #AskTheCEO on YouTube: David Houlding is the Worldwide Healthcare Industry Leader on the Microsoft Azure Industry Experiences Team led by Paul Maher. David has more than 24 years of experience in healthcare spanning provider, payer, pharmaceutical, and life sciences segments worldwide, and has deep experience and expertise in privacy, security, compliance, blockchain, [...]

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8 ways augmented and virtual reality are changing medicine

Spine and heart surgeons will use augmented reality (AR) to simplify complex procedures. Autistic children will get relief from sensory overload with a calming virtual reality (VR) system. These and other scenarios are made possible by Israeli innovations tapping into the tremendous potential of AR and VR for healing and wellbeing. The methods are [...]

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The mastermind behind the first wave of surgical robots unveils the next generation

•Frederic Moll, who is known as the "Bill Gates of robotics," ushered in the first wave of surgical robotics in 1995 with his company Intuitive Surgical and its Da Vinci systems. •He has a new start-up called Auris Health that's helping doctors diagnose lung cancer as early as possible using second generation robotics. •Roughly [...]

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Is Blockchain The Answer To A Better Healthcare Industry?

Data breaches are the nightmare of every major industry. When they occur, the aftermath costs of fixing the problem can be huge. According to a global study conducted by IBM and Ponemon Institute, in 2017 the cost of a data breach that occured in a major company averaged $3.62 million. The healthcare industry suffers [...]

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Frank Boehm (NA CEO) signs with IOP for Book on Nanomedical Brain/Cloud Interface

NanoApps Medical Inc. CEO Frank Boehm has signed with IOP Publishing to produce Nanomedical Brain/Cloud Interface: Explorations and Implications - a book that will explore the notion of a nanomedically enabled Brain/Cloud Interface (B/CI). From the NanoApps Medical Inc. website: Nanomedical Brain/Cloud Interface: Explorations and Implications “…embarks on an in-depth exploration of the (hypothetical) [...]

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Vancouver Nanomedicine Day 2018

Vancouver Nanomedicine Day 2018 will take place on Tuesday, September 11, 2018 at the Vancouver Alpen Club. We are proud to announce that one of the pioneers of the use of nanomaterials for pulmonary fibrosis, Dr. Tamara Minko from Rutgers University in the U.S. will give one of the invited talks. Also confirmed as invited speaker is Dr. Camilla [...]

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Texas A&M Team Develops New Way to Grow Blood Vessels

Formation of new blood vessels, a process also known as angiogenesis, is one of the major clinical challenges in wound healing and tissue implants. To address this issue, researchers from Texas A&M University have developed a clay-based platform to deliver therapeutic proteins to the body to assist with the formation of blood vessels. The [...]

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Landmark FDA Approval Brings Powerful Gene Silencing Method to Market

Earlier this month, the FDA approved an entirely new family of drugs, one so powerful that it could put CRISPR-based gene therapy to shame. Backed by two decades of research and a Nobel Prize, these drugs have the ability to cure inherited diseases—and do so without actually needing to edit the delicate genome. The [...]

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