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Neuroscientists Built an Ultra Detailed Map of the Brain Motor Cortex

Hundreds of neuroscientists built a ‘parts list’ of the motor cortex, laying groundwork to map the whole brain and better understand brain diseases. Before you read any further, bring your hand to your forehead. It probably didn’t feel like much, but that simple kind of motion required the concerted effort of millions of different [...]

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Can butterfly wings help detect COVID-19 faster?

An international team, led by Swinburne University of Technology and Australian National University (ANU), have made a breakthrough discovery that could potentially lead to faster, more accurate molecular or virus tests, including for COVID-19. The researchers were inspired by how light is concentrated in butterfly wings and have discovered a new way to concentrate light on a [...]

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COVID-19 virus evolving to ‘get better’ at moving through air

New mutations of COVID-19, such as the Delta strain, are "getting better" at transmitting through the air, a study has found. People infected with a later variant of COVID-19 put 43 to 100 times more virus into the air when breathing than those who were infected with the original strains of the virus, according to the University [...]

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Merck pill seen as ‘huge advance,’ raises hope of preventing COVID-19 deaths

Merck will seek U.S. approval for pill as soon as possible If approved, would be 1st oral antiviral COVID-19 drug Merck shares rally, some vaccine makers fall U.S. government to buy 1.7 mln courses at $700 each Oct 1 (Reuters) - An experimental antiviral pill developed by Merck & Co (MRK.N) could halve the chances of [...]

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New coating technology uses ‘nanoworms’ to kill COVID-19

An antiviral surface coating technology sprayed on face masks could provide an extra layer of protection against COVID-19 and the flu. The coating developed at The University of Queensland has already proven effective in killing the virus that causes COVID-19, and shows promise as a barrier against transmission on surfaces and face masks. UQ's Australian Institute [...]

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An innovative way to deliver drugs using nanocrystals shows potential benefits

Key Points Monash researchers have developed a method to prepare elongated nanocrystals to deliver therapeutic drugs Elongated nanocrystals can carry a high payload of drugs to potentially increase drug targetability and also decrease dosage frequency and side effects The researchers used a combination of deuteration, X-ray and neutron techniques at ANSTO to distinguish the [...]

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Covid tests and superbugs: why the deep sea is key to fighting pandemics

It has been 30 years since the last new class of antibiotic was introduced to the market. All the existing drugs are essentially variations on a theme: they kill bacteria, in similar ways. Some burst cells walls, others block DNA replication. But the bacteria are swiftly evolving to survive those chemical attacks – and [...]

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Research Finds That Even Mild Cases of COVID-19 Leave a Mark on the Brain

With more than 18 months of the pandemic in the rearview mirror, researchers have been steadily gathering new and important insights into the effects of COVID-19 on the body and brain. These findings are raising concerns about the long-term impacts that the coronavirus might have on biological processes such as aging. As a cognitive neuroscientist, my past research has [...]

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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the biggest decrease in life expectancy since World War II

The COVID-19 pandemic triggered life expectancy losses not seen since World War II in Western Europe and exceeded those observed around the dissolution of the Eastern Bloc in central and Eastern European countries, according to research published [27 September], led by scientists at Oxford’s Leverhulme Centre for Demographic Science. The research team assembled an unprecedented dataset on [...]

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A Daily Pill to Treat COVID Could Be Just Months Away, Scientists Say

Within a day of testing positive for covid-19 in June, Miranda Kelly was sick enough to be scared. At 44, with diabetes and high blood pressure, Kelly, a certified nursing assistant, was having trouble breathing, symptoms serious enough to send her to the emergency room. When her husband, Joe, 46, fell ill with the [...]

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