#AskTheCEO Video: Cybersecurity, AI, and Industry 4.0 With Dr Johannes Drooghaag

From #AskTheCEO on YouTube:

Dr. Johannes Drooghaag is the CEO of Spearhead Management, in Germany. He is an accomplished speaker in the areas of Executive Leadership, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Agile Business Management. He has authored many publications on areas of High-tech, such as Cybersecurity, as well as other business related topics.

Currently, he mentors executives and startups on areas of IT, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Agile Business Management, Supply Chain, Executive Leadership, and Emotional Competence.

He earned a doctorate in Operations Management, Manufacturing, and Applied Information Technology, an Executive MBA in Executive Leadership, and an MBA in Manufacturing Supply Chain.

Contact Johannes:
Web: https://johannesdrooghaag.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/johannesd…”
Twitter: @DrJDrooghaag

Links Mentioned in the Interview:
Internet Safety for Kids:

Siemens Charter of Trust:

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web: http://asktheceo.biz
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