The nanoscopic structure that locks up our genes

The new research shows that, although tightly packed, heterochromatin is perhaps less dense than previously thought. Made up of nucleosomes--roll-shaped bundles of DNA and protein--the heterochromatin is connected by a velcro-like feature called "Heterochromatin Protein 1 (HP1)." This fundamental feature allows the body to "lock down" genes so they cannot be transcribed. "Life as we [...]

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Nanoparticle-antioxidants to treat strokes and spinal cord injuries

An international science team has developed an innovative therapeutic complex based on multi-layer polymer nano-structures of superoxide dismutase (SOD). The new substance can be used to effectively rehabilitate patients after acute spinal injuries, strokes, and heart attacks. One of the most devastating forms of trauma to the human body is a spinal cord injury, representing [...]

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3D printed microfibers could provide structure for artificially grown body part

Much as a frame provides structural support for a house and the chassis provides strength and shape for a car, a team of Penn State engineers believe they have a way to create the structural framework for growing living tissue using an off-the-shelf 3-D printer. "We are trying to make stem-cell-loaded hydrogels reinforced with fibers [...]

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What if editing genes could fight rare diseases? [EU Science and Technology Podcast]

  From a post written by Mihalis Kritikos, posted by Scientific Foresight (STOA) at the EU: A new technique to simplify gene editing might herald a new era of genetic modification. What are the benefits and potential dangers of this technique, and how should policy-makers respond? The capacity to engineer genomes in a [...]

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Health 4.0 as part of the HealthCare Innovation Week. January 16 – 17 in Düsseldorf, Germany

Health 4.0 is a venue that brings together bright minds in healthcare to focus on the future. The biannual venue features great possibilities to network between payers and those offering their services in the healthcare system. We are fortunate enough to be able to run an international HealthCare Futurists panel with hand selected guests that [...]

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Frank Boehm contributes to ‘The Physics of the Mind and Brain Disorders’ – Now available from Springer Press

Frank Boehm (NanoApps Medical CEO) and Angelika Domschke contributed the chapter : “Application of a Conceptual Nanomedical Platform to Facilitate the Mapping of the Human Brain: Survey of Cognitive Functions and Implications”. The book covers recent advances in the understanding of brain structure, function and disorders based on the fundamental principles of physics. It covers [...]

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Dr. Johannes Lierfeld – Do nanoethics exist? Nanoethics in the advent of advanced nano medicine

  Dr. Johannes Lierfeld at the Innovate Healthcare Hackathon Cologne, Germany. "Do nanoethics exist? Are they a distinct field or a scientific phantasma? Forget that academic rubbish - we have to act now to make sure that future healthcare technology will foster equality instead of decreasing it - possibly into unimaginable depths of [...]

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Internet of Things Advances with New Breed of “Memristors”

The internet of things is soon to arrive, but not until there are chips and components that can tackle the explosion of data that arrives with IoT. By 2020, nearly 50 billion industrial internet sensors will be placed all over the place. A single autonomous device – a cleaning robot, a smart watch, or a [...]

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Innovate Healthcare January 12th-14th, 2018 in Cologne is a hackathon for innovators passionate about disrupting healthcare with progressive ideas, creative thinking and active doing. We give you the opportunity to work on a real world challenge which we curate from submissions from individuals and industry partners. You can rely on a strong team of coaches during the event [...]

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CRISPR Might Not Work in People

A sampling of human blood has turned up a surprise: most people could be immune to one of the world’s biggest advances in genetic engineering. It’s in our blood: Scientists searched the blood of 22 newborns and 12 adults for antibodies to the two most important types of Cas9, the cutting protein that functions as [...]

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