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A New Mechanism For Controlling Memory

From an article at neurosciencenews.com: Summary: Study reveals receptor movement is essential for synaptic plasticity as a response to neural activity. Halting receptor movement may block specific memory acquisition, researchers report, thus confirming the role of synaptic plasticity in learning and memory. Researchers in Bordeaux recently discovered a new mechanism for storing information in synapses [...]

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Nanogel-encapsulated stem cells for heart attack patients

Heart disease and heart-related illnesses are a leading cause of death around the world, but treatment options are limited. Now, one group reports in ACS Nano ("Heart Repair Using Nanogel-Encapsulated Human Cardiac Stem Cells in Mice and Pigs with Myocardial Infarction") that encapsulating stem cells in a nanogel could help repair damage to the heart. [...]

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3D Graphene-Acrylamide Hydrogel Scaffolds for Neuron Growth

From an article by Liam Critchley at AZonano.com: The design of nanostructured scaffolds has gathered a significant amount of interest over the last few years in nanomedicine and tissue engineering fields. Within the design of such scaffolds, the materials undergoing a serious amount of research are hydrogels, as they can produce realistic tissue constructs resembling [...]

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Nanochip could heal injuries or regrow organs with one touch

A novel device that reprograms skin cells could represent a breakthrough in repairing injured or ageing tissue, researchers say. The new technique, called tissue nanotransfection, is based on a tiny device that sits on the surface of the skin of a living body. An intense, focused electric field is then applied across the device, allowing [...]

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FDA Breaks New Ground With First Approved Gene Therapy for Cancer

When oncologist Dr. Carl June heard the Food and Drug Administration’s decision to bring the first gene therapy to market in the US, he pinched himself, hard. “It was so improbable that this would ever be a commercially approved therapy,” he said, voice breaking with emotion. June was referring to a revolutionary cancer therapy that [...]

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The big one is coming, and it’s going to be a flu pandemic

By Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Chief Medical Correspondent CNN: Experts say we are "due" for one. When it happens, they tell us, it will probably have a greater impact on humanity than anything else currently happening in the world. And yet, like with most people, it is probably something you haven't spent much time thinking about. After [...]

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Scientists aim to find out how lung cells react in space

Space travel can cause a lot of stress on the human body as the change in gravity, radiation and other factors creates a hostile environment. While much is known about how different parts of the body react in space, how lungs are affected by spaceflight has received little attention until now, say researchers at The [...]

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Argonne Supercomputer Aims to Map All the Neurons in the Brain

From a post by Michael Feldman : Researchers at Argonne National Laboratory are going to be using the Theta supercomputer to generate a map of all the neural connections in a brain. According to a news announcement published on the lab’s website, the project will use high-definition imagery of the brain, along with the computational heft [...]

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Potential Nanomedical Countermeasures to Mitigate the Effects of Space on Humans

Incremental progress has been made on several fronts that may employ nanomedical strategies, to potentially counteract the deleterious effects of galactic cosmic rays and microgravity on human physiology. The implementation of these strategies and the enhancement of their preventative, diagnostic, or therapeutic effects for future orbital, planetary, and deep space missions might be enabled via [...]

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Test Strips with Platinum-Coated Gold Nanoparticles for Better Cancer Detection

A home pregnancy test is the most common test strip for diagnosis. Pregnant women have progressively increasing levels of the biomarker human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), which is easily traceable in urine. A thin, colorful strip of antibodies will appear when hCG is present. However, there is much more hCG in urine than there is of [...]

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